Wide Angle Spray Nozzle Features

The wide angle spray nozzle is a wide-angle fan spray that produces moderate impact, with a uniform distribution of liquid and medium size. The wide-angle nozzle is suitable for jets of air and steam. The nozzle is practical and reliable, and it can accurately control the spray angle. The wide-angle nozzle opening is designed as a v-groove type. The size and angle of the outlet opening is different depending on the flow rate, and the range of use varies depending on the nozzle flow rate.

Wide angle sprays nozzle application
Wide-angle spray nozzles are used in many industrial fields, and the nozzles are simple in design and easy to install. With the wide application of nozzles, some cleanings that require manual operation are gradually being replaced. Here are some areas where wide-angle spray nozzles can be used:
1. Metal processing and cleaning, spray coating, stain removal, and agricultural product cleaning.
2. Printing circuit boards cleaning, semiconductor cleaning, glass cutting and cleaning.
3. Cooling conveyor belt, cleaning of water sprays curtain, etc.





Post time: Oct-22-2019
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