What is Metal Stamping?

A stamper is a person who operates stamping equipment, performs workpiece deformation, and separates and processes.
His main tasks include:
(1) Operate mechanical equipment such as punches, presses, folding machines, straightening machines, and cooperate with molds to perform punching, bending, stretching, and straightening of metal sheet profiles, etc.
(2) Install fixtures, molds, adjust machine tools, and transport workpieces;
(3) using a punch to cut the metal profile;
(4) Use punching machine tools and tooling molds for blanking of metal workpieces;
(5) Maintain equipment and process equipment, and eliminate general faults during use.

What  is  Metal Stamping

【Stamping equipment】
[Introduction] Stamping equipment is the so-called press. Scientific name: stamping machine, hydraulic machine, hydraulic machine. It is a large special equipment for pressing containers.
[Use] Commonly used in head manufacturing. The head is used for pressing steel plates and forming.
【Safety Facilities】
1. The stamping equipment should have nameplates, various operating instructions, safety and warning instructions.
2. The power wiring should be standardized, and the cables of the equipment should not be damaged to prevent aging.
3. The power distribution box door lock on the stamping equipment should be equipped with a key, and the power will be cut off automatically when the door is opened.
4, single, continuous, pedal stamping and other operations should be used with a key lock switch.
5. During single stroke operation of stamping equipment, continuous stamping stroke must not occur.
6. For continuous stroke operation, a pre-control action link should be set during the operation.
7. There must be an emergency stop button on the stamping equipment and it should be able to lock itself.
8. There should be chain control between foot operation and hand operation.
9. Protective covers should be installed on the transmission parts such as transmission gears, pulleys, flywheels and levers exposed on the outside of the fuselage and on the top of the fuselage.
10. The pedal operation device adopts a foot pedal type, which is controlled by a foot pedal and can be automatically reset.

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