Water spray nozzle

Water spray nozzle characteristics

The water spray nozzle has the characteristics of high temperature and high pressure resistance, impact resistance, long service life, large measuring range and high measuring precision. It is suitable for high temperature and high pressure steam flow in power plants, heat network piping, fluid flow and flow measurement. There are currently two forms: one is the ISA1932 nozzle, which is a standard nozzle, and the other is a long-diameter nozzle.


The purpose of the water spray nozzle:

The nozzle is usually marked by the water that is sprayed out, and the concentrated force of the water bundle is used to wash the solid dirt adhering to the net and the felt. Today, water spray nozzles are widely used in coatings, lubrication, cooling, fire protection, washing and other applications.


Tips for spraying nozzles:

1. Whether the Water spray nozzle saves water.

2. Look at the spool of the Water spray nozzle. The quality of the valve core will directly affect the service life of the nozzle. When buying, you must pay attention to its quality. At the same time, a good spool can also play a role in water saving.

3. Look at the surface coating. The quality of the Water spray nozzle coating will affect the usual sanitary cleaning. The poor quality coating is easy to block the mouth, which brings great trouble to the cleaning. Generally stainless steel is better.


Water Spray nozzle purchase considerations:

When purchasing a Water spray nozzle, be careful that the material must be environmentally friendly. A good water spray nozzle can prevent corrosion when it is detected with acid mist. So choose a spray nozzle with good gloss and smoothness. Some experts also said that it is necessary to pay attention to the inspection report of the spray nozzle, and it is necessary to select a qualified spray nozzle product.

Post time: Jul-31-2019
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