The maintenance of hydraulic cylinders

In the case of a large impact load, pay more attention to the lubrication of the hydraulic cylinder support. Especially after the new system is started, the function and leakage of the hydraulic cylinder should be checked repeatedly.
After starting, you should also check whether the axis line is centered. If it is not centered, you should readjust the center line of the hydraulic cylinder and machine element to achieve centering.
 It is very important to keep the hydraulic oil clean. When filling oil, filter with a filter less than 60μm. The filter connected to the system is cleaned at least once every 100 hours of work during the initial operation stage, and then once a month.
At least, once every time the oil is changed. It is recommended to replace all the new oil when changing the oil and clean the oil tank thoroughly.
 During use, pay attention to prevent loosening, dust and rust of the hydraulic cylinder. When reusing after a long period of inactivity, be careful to wipe the exposed surface of the piston rod with a clean cotton cloth.
When starting, run at no-load first, and then hook up the machine after it is normal.

Post time: Jul-28-2020
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