Sheet Metal Stamping

Sheet metal stamping into different specifications:
Material metal sheets are stamped into products of different specifications. All products are produced and processed by advanced computer technology. The hole types are diverse and the arrangement is flexible. In the years of production practice, we have accumulated rich experience in the production and processing of steel mesh, which can cut, bend and edging products. Deep processing such as surface treatment. The steel mesh has the characteristics of uniform mesh, flat mesh surface, high friction coefficient and high strength. The product is also cut and processed to manufacture workpieces.

Sheet metal stamping features:
1.Sheet metal stamping and stamping products are of good quality. For example, the surface of stamped products is bright, the size is stable and uniform, the texture is light, and the strength is high. It can also process many other difficult-to-process handicrafts.
2.Sheet metal stamping products rarely require cutting, high material utilization and low material cost.
3.Sheet metal stamping production efficiency is high, relatively mechanized and automated. Low labor intensity, saving human resources, in addition, the operation is relatively simple, there are not many complicated processes.
4.Because of the mold used in sheet metal stamping processing, the structure is relatively complicated, and the general production cycle is long and the cost is relatively high. Therefore, the sheet metal stamping process is mostly used for mass production and is rarely used for single piece production.

Post time: Aug-08-2019
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