Process production and process of rubber mold factory

In recent years, the plastic mold industry has become increasingly demanding on machinery and equipment! The price of mold testing equipment, three-coordinate detectors and other testing instruments is constantly increasing. It can be seen that the improvement of quality is the direction of the demand development of the entire plastic mold manufacturer. After more than 20 years of exploration and continuous learning, Yangfan Fine Mould Co., Ltd. has summarized many years of experience: while ensuring the quality of plastic molds, it also needs to strictly control the key links in the production of plastic molds. The mold has a high quality, and the specific conditions can be controlled from the following 9 steps:

1. Useful processing for product data processing, process data processing, drawing document processing: to perform useful product data processing, process data processing, drawing document processing, to ensure the comprehensiveness of the documents, the consistency of the drawing version; make the drawings Can reach useful sharing and useful query usage. Able to set up a complete file management computer database, organize and use the plan drawings, scattered, and once scattered and blocked information in the planning part, and prevent the 2d and 3d confusion due to the planning drawings, original, design changes, and repaired versions. Don’t be confused, the 3D model and the 2D drawing data are inconsistent, the 2D drawing plan is not standardized and chaotic, and the problems are not easy to be discovered and corrected in time. The formed mold needs to be modified and reworked, or even obsolete, which increases the cost of mold making and lengthens. The mold production cycle affects the delivery time.

2. The planning and manufacturing cost of each set of molds must be summarized in time: After the work subpoena of the effective control workshop is issued, the scrapping of the tools is effectively handled; after the accurate mold structure planning, efficient mold parts processing and precision The inspection of parts and components will effectively reduce the additional cost of mold design changes and repairs, and then obtain the actual cost of each set of molds, and effectively control the quality of the mold.

3. Adhere to the consistency and completeness of the data of mold drawings, processing technology, and objects: After useful, detailed, and rigorous testing methods, ensure the consistency and integrity of the data of mold drawings, processing technology, and objects.

4. Overall planning: organically organize and integrate information such as plans, plans, processing techniques, workshop production conditions, human resources, etc. for overall planning, and then use a harmonious plan and production, which can effectively ensure the quality of the mold and deliver on time.

5. Draw up a complete and practical mold production management system: develop a complete mold production management system, complete the product data management, process data management, program management, and progress management of the mold production management process. Including mold production plan formulation, mold planning, process formulation, workshop mission assignment and product inspection, warehouse management, etc., so that mold production and related auxiliary information can be fully tracked from plan formulation to completion and delivery.

Top of the list: The compensation coefficient is the difference between the density of the plastic at room temperature and the actual material used in the screw barrel. The actual material used in the screw barrel will be less, mainly due to the volume expansion after the plastic is melted, the screw backflow, the screw leakage, etc. Cause, generally take 0.80~~0.90.

Second: If the list is full of injections for the first time, you must pay attention to the position of the low-voltage switch to avoid mold explosions or criticism.

Third: The mold temperature during mold trial must be equal to the temperature during mass production. The mold temperature is different, and the injection interval is very different. The PP of the same temperature moves in the mold cavity of 20 degrees and the mold cavity of 80 degrees. The gap between the activities under the same weight will reach more than 15%, so we must pay attention to the stability of the mold temperature.

In the end, plastic mold injection parameters must be scientifically managed, and accurate accounting for parameters, not just based on the feeling, is the first step of scientific management.

Post time: May-31-2021
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