Mech parts Requirements

Choosing the right material from a variety of parts and materials is not a simple task. Because the selection of mechanical parts in mechanical design is an important part, the importance of mechanical parts to the operation of the machine cannot be ignored. As technology continues to evolve, so does the demand for mechanical parts. Therefore, when selecting mechanical materials, the relevant properties of mechanical materials should be considered comprehensively, and the process and economic requirements of the parts should be considered.

Usually the use of mechanical parts should take into account the working conditions of the machine, such as the working environment of the machine, working characteristics and other factors. If the machine works in an environment susceptible to corrosion, correspondingly, the mechanical parts should have good corrosion resistance. If the machine is working in a hot environment, consider the wear resistance of the mechanical parts. Also consider the interaction between the parts. Finally, the loading condition of mechanical parts is also an important factor. For parts with large contact stress on the surface, materials that can be surface treated should be selected. For parts with variable stress, fatigue-resistant materials should be selected. For parts with impact load, materials with higher impact toughness should be selected.





Post time: Sep-17-2019
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