Installation of hydraulic cylinder

The installation forms of hydraulic cylinders are mainly divided into two categories. One is the axis fixed type.The other is the axis swing type.
It is subdivided into base type, flange type, tie rod type, shaft pin type, earring type, ball head type, intermediate ball hinge type, flange type with ribs, and flange bottom angle combined type.
Generally speaking, hydraulic cylinders can be installed where needed.
 Keep clean during installation. In order to prevent the hydraulic cylinder from losing function and premature wear, pulling force should be avoided during installation, especially to prevent radial force.
Avoid crushing and bumping when installing pipe joints or threaded parts. Sealing materials such as putty and twine must never be used, which will cause oil contamination and cause the hydraulic cylinder to lose function. When installing hydraulic tubing, pay attention to avoid generating torque.
The oil used for the hydraulic cylinder must comply with the manufacturer’s instructions, and the hydraulic system must be flushed thoroughly before connecting the hydraulic cylinder.
During the flushing process, the connecting pipe of the hydraulic cylinder should be closed. It is recommended to flush continuously for about half an hour before connecting the hydraulic cylinder to the hydraulic system.

Post time: Jul-24-2020
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