Inspection Contents of Machinery Parts

Parts inspection is an important link in the process of mechanical manufacture and maintenance. Machinery and its parts are inspected to determine their technical status and technological measures to be taken. The quality of parts or technical requirements after maintenance are determined by inspection.
Main Contents of Parts Inspection
In mechanical manufacturing and maintenance, parts are generally inspected one by one. Its main contents can be divided into the following aspects:
1. Inspection of Geometric Accuracy of Parts
Geometric accuracy includes dimensional accuracy and shape and position accuracy, but sometimes the maintenance work does not pursue the geometric size of a single part, but requires relative coordination accuracy, which is often an important part of the inspection work.
Roundness, cylindricity, concentricity, coaxiality, parallelism and perpendicularity are common in the maintenance of shape and position accuracy.
2. Surface Quality Inspection
The inspection of surface quality of parts in maintenance is not only limited to the inspection of surface finish, but also to the inspection of scratches, burns and brushes on the surface of used parts.
3. Inspection of Mechanical Properties
According to the characteristics of mechanical overhaul, except for the hardness of mechanical properties of parts, other indicators are generally not inspected, but some properties encountered in the process of parts manufacturing and overhaul, such as balance status, spring stiffness, can not be ignored.
4. Inspection of hidden defects
In the manufacturing process of parts, there may be some original defects such as slag inclusion and voids, and micro-cracks may occur in the use process. These defects can not be found directly from general observation and measurement, but they may have serious consequences for machinery. Therefore, in mechanical maintenance, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive inspection of certain parts purposefully.

Post time: Feb-22-2019
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