Hydraulic Cylinder Part

Hydraulic cylinder damages
Hydraulic cylinders are faulty due to seal wear, internal wall scratches and corrosion during use, especially when larger hydraulic cylinders are damaged after sealing, it is difficult and costly to repair or replace parts.

Hydraulic cylinder repairs
The repair of the hydraulic cylinder must first be surface treated, that is, cleaned and polished. The scratched parts can be cleaned and cleaned with a cotton swab and absolute ethanol. Then, the hydraulic cylinder should be cleaned and heated and dried, and the polished surface should be wiped clean. Then use a hot air blower to dry the water, and also need to preheat the repair surface. The second step are then to reconcile the material phase. Require proportional blending and stir evenly until no chromatic aberration occurs. After reconciling the material, the next step is to apply the material stage, apply a uniform material to the scratched surface, the first layer should be evenly covered and completely covered, and the coating should not be too thick. After ensuring that the first layer is covered, apply the material to the entire repair site and press repeatedly to ensure that the material is filled and the required thickness is achieved. After the material is applied, it needs to be cured. In order to save time, the temperature can be increased by a tungsten halogen lamp, so that the curing time required is shortened. After the material is cured, use a fine scraper to smooth the surface of the material.



Post time: Oct-28-2019
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