Correct maintenance of hydraulic cylinders

All equipment can only extend the life of the equipment after correct maintenance and maintenance. How should the hydraulic cylinder be maintained?
Firstly,the hydraulic oil should be replaced regularly during the use of the cylinder, and the filter screen of the system should be cleaned to ensure cleanliness and extend the service life.
Secondly,control the system temperature. Excessive oil temperature will reduce the service life of the seals. Long-term high oil temperature will cause permanent deformation of the seals and even complete failure.
Thirdly,protect the outer surface of the piston rod to prevent bumps and scratches from damaging the seals.Clean up the mud and sand on the dust-proof ring of the cylinder and the exposed piston rod frequently. In this way, the dirt that is not easy to clean on the surface of the piston rod can enter the inside of the cylinder and damage the piston, cylinder and seal.
Then, check the threads, bolts and other connecting parts frequently.Tighten them immediately if they are loose.
At last,lubricate the joints frequently to prevent rust and abnormal wear in the absence of oil.
Each time the cylinder is used, a trial run with full extension and full contraction must be performed for 5 strokes and then run with load. Why do this?
This can exhaust the air in the system and preheat the systems, which can avoid the presence of air and water in the system effectively and cause gas explosion and scorch in the cylinder body, which will damage the seals and cause leakage in the cylinder.

Post time: Aug-03-2020
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