Cable Junction Box

Cable junction box purchase tips
All items have certain purchase standards, so the cable junction box is the same. What factors should be referred to when selecting the cable junction box? Here are a few points to note:

Product safety
When purchasing the cable junction box, make sure that the housing of the junction box is insulated and has the characteristics of moisture, corrosion and puncture resistance. Therefore, the junction box must pass certain product tests to ensure the safety of the product.

Cable junction box products are anti-stealing
In order to prevent theft of electricity, the cable junction box products are screwed on the cover plate, so that illegal opening can be prevented, and the trouble of not being smuggled can be ensured.

Is the junction box product easy to repair?
Usually, the cover of the cable junction box is made of a completely transparent insulating material, so that the connection condition of each place can be clearly seen, which is convenient for maintenance.



Post time: Sep-25-2019
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