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  • Mech parts Requirements

    Choosing the right material from a variety of parts and materials is not a simple task. Because the selection of mechanical parts in mechanical design is an important part, the importance of mechanical parts to the operation of the machine cannot be ignored. As technology continues to evolve, so ...
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  • piezak mekanikoa

    Selection of mechanical parts: Mechanical parts are mechanically inseparable components, while mechanical parts can be divided into shaft parts and gear parts by function. In the selection of mechanical parts, surface roughness is an important reference factor to reflect the surface quality of th...
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  • Terminal Box

    The use of the terminal box requires: The terminal box is an electrician accessory. In the decoration, because the wire for decoration is through the wire tube, the terminal box of the wire should be used for transition, and the wire tube is connected with the terminal box to protect The role of ...
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  • How to choose kitchen water sink faucet parts?

    The kitchen water sink faucet parts are the parts that must be used in daily life. So how do you choose a good quality kitchen water sink faucet part? First look at the exterior of the water sink faucet parts. If the appearance is good, and the hand touches no burrs, there is no oxidized freckles...
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  • How does the waterproof terminal junction box achieve waterproof function?

    The upper cover of the waterproof terminal junction box is screwed. The inner pressure cover is sealed by direct pressing to prevent the sealing rubber ring from being crushed and deformed. The sealing rubber ring of the waterproof terminal junction box is made of high-quality silica gel material...
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  • Kanpoko Metal Junction Box

    Outdoor metal junction box product introduction: The outdoor metal junction box is generally made of aluminum alloy die-casting, which has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, wide temperature range and high mechanical strength. The junction box product is beautiful in appearance and conf...
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  • Sheet Metal estanpazioa

    Sheet metal stamping into different specifications: Material metal sheets are stamped into products of different specifications. All products are produced and processed by advanced computer technology. The hole types are diverse and the arrangement is flexible. In the years of production practic...
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  • Water spray nozzle

    Water spray nozzle characteristics: The water spray nozzle has the characteristics of high temperature and high pressure resistance, impact resistance, long service life, large measuring range and high measuring precision. It is suitable for high temperature and high pressure steam flow in power...
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  • Ikuskaritza Makineria piezak edukia

    Ikuskaritza Makineria piezak edukia

    Piezak ikuskatzeko fabrikatzeko mekaniko eta mantentze-prozesuan lotura garrantzitsua da. Makineria eta bere atalak ikuskatu euren egoera teknikoa eta neurri teknologikoak hartu beharreko zehazteko. mantentze ondoren piezak edo baldintza teknikoak kalitatea dira ins zehazten ...
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