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Five processes of injection mold manufacturing

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Five processes of injection mold manufacturing

2021-08-06 14:43

Injection mold manufacturing process refers to the process of injection mold processing and assembly through certain processing technology and process management. Injection mold manufacturing process includes five steps:

First, production technology preparation

Production technology preparation is the basis of the entire production, for injection mold quality, cost, schedule and management have a significant impact.

The preparation of production technology includes the design of injection mold drawing, the preparation of technical documents, the formulation of material quota and processing time quota, the evaluation of injection mold cost and so on.

Two, the preparation of materials

Prepare materials to determine the type, form, size and related technical requirements of the blank of injection mold parts.

Three, injection mold parts, components processing

Injection mold parts are punch, concave die, punch fixed plate, discharge plate. Punch, concave die is directly working parts, punch fixed plate as the name implies is used to fix the punch, discharge plate is used to remove the workpiece and waste material set on the punch.

Iv. Assembly and debugging

Define the work responsibility of assembly and debugging team of production department, finish the assembly and debugging of injection mold with high quality according to the production schedule.

Five, mold test identification

Mold test to evaluate the rationality and correctness of injection mold design and manufacturing quality, whether the injection mold can meet the expected functional requirements.

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